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CES 2019: SanDisk shows 4TB (!) Pendrive, online backup service and more

THE SanDisk, one of the largest manufacturers of storage solutions in the world, was also present in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 and showed some very interesting and / or impressive news. To you.

Extreme Pro Portable SSD

The first announcement was for the company's new external SSDs, dedicated to professionals who need high transfer speeds and maximum durability in devices. Through the USB-C interface, the drives are capable of reaching reading speeds of up to 1GB / s; the aluminum body with rubberized details is resistant to water and dust and still survives impacts.

Sandisk SSD Extreme Pro

The devices will be sold in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB versions, and will come with a USB-C cable and a USB-A adapter. They will hit the market in the coming months, for prices not yet revealed.

4TB pendrive

Yes, that's what you read: the manufacturer presented, still in the prototype phase, a USB stick that holds no less than 4 terabytes of data. Yes, in this tiny device you can store the equivalent of almost eight years of music or about 1.2 million photos.

4TB Pen Drive from SanDisk

The SanDisk prototype is equipped with a USB-C connector and, at least for now, has no time limit to reach the market, it is, above all, a demonstration of how the miniaturization of storage technologies is reaching extreme levels. But you can prepare your wallet: such a pet will certainly not cost less than $ 1,800 when it is released. ?


SanDisk doesn't even live on hardware. The company also launched its digital backup service Flashback at CES, designed to make a copy of the contents of its drive online so that, even in the event of failure or loss of the physical device, everything is properly available in the cloud at any time.

The service will have all the basic features you would expect from a cloud cabinet, such as quick sharing with friends via links and a search tool that lists all files on all your USB drives. Initially, Flashback will only be available in the United States for owners of the SanDisk Ultra and Sandisk Ultra Fit drives, but the idea is to expand the offer to other countries and lines soon after the launch of the platform.

My Passport Go

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Western Digital (a brand SanDisk subsidiary of) also presented its new storage solution under the WD brand: My Passport Go is an external SSD focused on basic and intermediate users, with a simple and resistant design.

WD My Passport Go

With versions of 500GB and 1TB, the device has a built-in USB-A cable that can be hidden at the bottom and reaches transfer speeds of up to 400MB / s. Western Digital did not reveal price or availability for the device.

via MacRumors