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CES 2019: new Satechi chargers have doors for every taste

Another manufacturer that could not be left out of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 The Satechi, with its first-rate accessories for Macs, iTrecos and electronic equipment in general. The manufacturer took advantage of the fair to launch two novelties in the segment of portable chargers and they bring all the convenience of the world for those who need to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Satechi 30W dual charger

O 30W dual charger it brings, as the name says, two ports: a USB-C capable of charging devices up to 18W (that is, with the right cable, you can quickly recharge your iPhone) and a USB-A of 12W. It costs $ 30 on the manufacturer's website and be available on the 31st.

Satechi 75W travel charger

J o 75W travel charger much more versatile and powerful, being able to charge much more robust devices like the MacBook Air or a Nintendo Switch. We have here a USB-C port capable of transmitting power at 60W and a second one at 18W, in addition to two USB-A ports that, combined, take up to 12W to the connected devices. As a travel charger, it has an easily replaceable plug for you to connect it to outlets worldwide without difficulty.

The travel charger is already available on the Satechi website for $ 70. Nice, huh?

via 9to5Mac