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CES 2019: iOttie presents vehicle support integrated to Alexa and other news

Do you think you?ve already received news from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019? You thought wrong! There are still many manufacturers presenting their creations for the coming months. One of them iOttie, which produces some pretty cool accessories for iPhones and other mobile devices.

Easy One Touch Connect vehicle mount

IOttie Easy One Touch Go vehicle support with Alexa integration

The most intriguing product of the new iOttie package looks, at first glance, as a simple vehicle support, but it goes far beyond that: inside the body of the Easy One Touch Connect, we have a complete integration with the Amazon digital assistant, the Alexa just connect the device to your car's sound system and, with your voice, carry out commands to play music, check the time, traffic, get directions, control home automation devices and much more.

The product has a patented technology that allows you to attach your smartphone to the stand with just one hand, and brings two noise-canceling microphones to hear your commands even in the loudest cars. IOttie has not reported the exact price or availability of the device, but it is expected to hit the market this quarter.

Auto Sense vehicle support

The second vehicle carrier announced by iOttie is not so smart, but it has a nice sleeve on its sleeve: a sensor that detects the iPhone or smartphone touching the accessory and, using motorized parts, holds the device in place. You don't have to do anything at all!

Auto Sense vehicle support

To improve, Auto Sense still houses a Qi charger on its surface, so your smartphone (if it is compatible, of course) already starts to have the battery recharged the moment it touches the accessory. Support will be made available ?soon?, for $ 55.

ION Wireless Go external battery

Finally, the new external battery from iOttie has a very refined design, covered in a material that resembles fabric, and all the features you could want in 2018. Only 10,000mAh, and its top surface brings a Qi charger to recharge your wireless devices.


In addition, we have a USB-C port with fast charging capacity (18W) for iPhones and iPads and a USB-A port of 12W in total, you can recharge up to three devices at the same time. The accessory also has an LED indicating the level of your own battery.

IOttie did not reveal the price or availability of the iON Wireless Go, but it should hit the market in the coming months.

via 9to5Mac