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Apple would be offering discounts on iPhones in China; Foxconn has drop in revenues

That the situation of iPhone nothing is going well, everyone already knows. The most recent news about smartphones takes into account the fact that Apple would have reduced the production of the devices by about 10%. Now, a report from the National Business Daily brought another novelty that shows the concern of Apple with the performance of the devices.

According to the report, Ma would have authorized its dealers in China to offer discounts on the price of the latest iPhones as a way to attract consumers. The most dramatic cut authorized by Apple would be iPhone XR, with a discount of CN450 (or approximately R $ 250); other devices, such as the XS it's the XS Max, would also have cuts around CN400 (about R $ 200).

It is good to note that the reduction should still be treated as a rumor, since only a few Apple resellers have commented on the matter and Ma has not issued any official statement on the matter. When it comes to the Chinese wall, it is difficult to confirm the information so easily, but it is almost certain that there will still be news about it.


Still in Asian territory, one of Apple's main partners seems to have felt the thud of iPhones showing that the consequences of the fall of Ma's smartphones go beyond, far beyond, Cupertino.


As reported by Reuters, a Foxconn reported a 8% drop in revenue last December. This represents the first retraction in the company's revenue in 10 months and has Apple and iPhones as the main culprits, but not only the demand in the electronics industry as a whole is slowing down and other Foxconn partners have also faced problems.

As a supplier's representative stated:

The main reason for this (the reduction in revenues) is that the fall in the category of electronics for the final consumer was very strong.

Despite this, not everything is totally negative for Foxconn: in an annual perspective, the company's sales in 2018 grew 12.5% ??compared to 2017. Now the question remains as to how they will look in 2019

via AppleInsider, MacRumors