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Apple hires Tesla designer and security expert, but loses talent

Week goes by, next week, and the meetings and farewells in Cupertino continue as the natural course of life. Recently, two important names have arrived at Apple Park, while a third has left Ma properties to start new flights. Let's see.

Andrew Kim

As reported on his LinkedIn profile, the designer Andrew Kim Apple arrived after two years in Tesla. At the automaker, he was responsible for helping to develop the visual language of the company's cars, as well as assembling the internal space of the Model 3, the compact model of the manufacturer, and thinking about the digital interfaces present in the vehicles' centrals.

Andrew Kim

Prior to Tesla, Kim spent about three years in Microsoft, where he worked on products like HoloLens, Windows 10 and Xbox One S.

It is not known what projects the designer will work on at Apple, but the hiring rekindles rumors that Ma is still working full steam ahead on the development of a vehicle to call its worth remembering that, months ago, the company also hired the boss production company of Elon Musk. To be?

Sandy Parakilas

Moving to a completely different sector, the Financial Times reported that Apple has attracted digital security specialist to its land Sandy Parakilas. In Cupertino, he will be responsible for working with several teams within the company to make sure that the products developed have privacy as a determining element and use user data in the least intensive ways possible.

Sandy Parakilas

Parakilas has a controversial history with the Facebook: he worked at Mark Zuckerberg's giant for a year and a half until the end of 2012, playing the role of privacy monitor and compliance with the rules of use. When he left the company, however, he became one of the biggest critics of Facebook's practices, accusing his executives of ignoring warnings about privacy breaches and other potentially dangerous actions.

His criticisms extend to other companies: he has already stated, for example, that Google, Twitter and Facebook profit from a "perverse democracy" provided by "racist demagogues and their dictator friends". Yes, polemic we hope it will make a difference in Apple.

Patrick Gates

Already in the field of Cupertino exits, we have the news of the departure of Patrick Gates, senior director of engineering at iCloud, of FaceTime It's from iMessage.

How did you bring The Information, Veteran Gates who worked at Apple for no less than 14 years is leaving the company to join a startup called Humane, focused on ?creating the next paradigm between human beings and computing? and created by two other former Apple engineers, Imran Chaudhri and Bethani Bongiorno.

Alexander Hitzinger

Another important exit is that of Alexander Hitzinger, an executive who spent the last few years on the ?Titan Project? (and therefore on the development of a system of autonomous cars). It joined with immediate effect Volkswagen, where he will be responsible for the technical development of the commercial vehicle division.

Alexander Hertzinger

As reported by Reuters, Hitzinger will also play an important role in VW's efforts to develop autonomous cars and the ?mobility as a service? area, that is, self-driving cars without owners available on the streets for users. This is not the executive's first contact with the Volkswagen group; previously, he had worked at Porsche, a subsidiary of the company, as a test driver.