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9 really useful things Google Assistant can do for you

The Google Assistant does things like informing the weather, providing addresses and answering your questions, but it has many more tricks that are not so well known and can be really useful for you.

Here are 9 really useful things that Google's personal assistant can do for you:

1. Erase information

If you say something that you don't want Google to hear or if you activate the personal assistant by accident, just say Hey Google, this is not for you and the assistant will delete the last interaction from the history. You can also ask him to delete all of the past week's or month's history and he will obey.

2. Control the TV

To do this, you will need to connect your YouTube profile to Google Home and have a Chromecast connected to your TV. Just ask the Google assistant to tune in to the desired program. Super useful when you can't find the remote or have your hands smeared with popcorn, for example.

3. Share your location

Are you going to be late for a meeting with friends or a business meeting? You can share your location and estimated time of arrival with others via the personal assistant using a voice command via the Google Maps app.

4. Define routines

You can define routines, which are sequences of commands activated with a single sentence. For example, Hey Google, wake up kids can be set up to turn on the lights and play the Star Wars theme song on the speaker in your kids' room.

5. Read texts on websites

This recent trick was shown at CES: the assistant can read long texts on websites. It will be great for you to follow the news from PC World without having to stop what you are doing to read the latest news. The voice is more natural than the Google voice of the computer and able to translate the content into 42 languages. It has not yet been informed when the function will be available, but it should not be long.

6. Reminders based on your location

This function is similar to what Siri does with reminders on the iPhone: you can ask the personal assistant to remind you of a specific task when you leave or arrive at a certain location.

7. Change your privacy setting

On some devices, such as the Google Pixel smartphone, you can ask the assistant to learn more about your privacy settings and make changes to them. Just ask Hey, Google, tell me more about my privacy settings. It is much more practical than looking for where this information is hidden in the menus of some cell phones.

8. What is the music?

Did you like a song you're listening to and don't know which one? Ask the assistant: Hey, Google, what song is that? to find out. Google's assistant is almost as good as Shazan for identifying popular songs and more alternative songs.

9. Translation in real time

Ask the Google assistant to be your translator for the desired language and he will assist you. Just say, for example, Hey Google, be my Spanish translator for the assistant to translate and speak in the desired language and, if you are using an Android device, it will also display a written version of the phrase on the screen. It recognizes 44 languages.

Source: Inc