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↪ Processing power of the “new” iMac is 40% less than its siblings

When compared to the rest of the iMac line, the new model performs single-core reasonable almost identical to iMac quad-core input. J the performance multi-core significantly lower due to the smaller number of cores (two against four).

Underperforming this new iMac After all, the processor was expected to be the i5-4260U (used in MacBooks Air). The question: why would Apple use a low-power processor (typically used in notebooks, which need more energy efficiency) on a desktop computer? John Poole believes the answer is "graphics". This is because the processor has a GPU (graphics processing unit, or graphics processing unit) HD 5000 from Intel, which performs about twice as well as the HD 4600. Everything indicates that Apple preferred to sacrifice CPU performance for that. (Primate Labs)

Benchmark of the new iMac (single-core)

Benchmark of the new iMac (multi-core)

(via MacRumos)