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What does 'bomboclaat' mean? Understand express that success on Twitter | Social networks

What "bomboclaat" on Twitter? After the fever of the meme "Sco Pa Tu Manaa", the foreign expression has become popular in the microblog even among Brazilians. Of Jamaican origin, the term is used to express surprise, strangeness and irritation, but the meaning has changed among users of the microblog. On the social network, "bomboclaat" became synonymous with "create a caption for this photo" or "explain this photo".

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Data from Google Trends, a tool for monitoring Internet searches, show that searches for "bomboclaat" have been on the rise since October, when users began to question the meaning of the expression. According to the website Urban Dictionary, the Jamaican term is a word used in situations of anger and surprise. The literal translation of "bomboclaat", however, is a common way of referring to menstrual pads and toilet paper.

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What does "bomboclaat" mean? Jamaican Express went viral on Twitter this year Photo: Reproduo / Twitter

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According to the portalTechpoint.Africa, the jargon was first used on September 3, when Twitter user @rudebwoy_lamz shared two photos of Nickelodeon's animation series CatDog, with the caption "bomboclaat". The post accumulates more than 3.4 thousand likes and 13 thousand retutes until the publication of this article.

Unaware of the meaning of "bomboclaat", users of the microblog believed that the gria was a new version of the meme "sco pa tu manaa", which dominated the social network in July. Although they are used in a similar way, the terms do not mean exactly the same thing.

Unlike "bomboclaat", "sco pa tu manaa" is an expression with no apparent meaning that was appropriated by Internet users and started to be used as a synonym for questions. What does that remind you of? and what is your opinion on that ?. Meanwhile, the meaning of "bomboclaat" has changed a lot on Twitter, compared to the original definition in Jamaican.

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