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Steam for Mac is now 64-bit and brings some visual improvements

THE Valve can be criticized for not bringing news to its gaming platform, the Steam, very often, but at least they are doing their homework: as Reddit users recently noticed, the latest update to the Mac platform app finally made the transition to 64-bit.

The news is important because, in addition to bringing general improvements in performance and compatibility with the latest operating systems from Apple, it has already announced that macOS Mojave will be its last desktop operating system to support 32-bit apps similar to what happened on iOS 10 and 11 That is, better late than never!

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In addition, the update brings some minor visual modifications to the application, for example, Valve finally changed the three ?traffic light? buttons in the upper left corner so that they follow the standard "Flat" the latest systems; until then, they still followed the ?Aqua? standard of older versions of OS X.

Steam can be updated immediately via the app itself or downloaded from the Valve website.

via 9to5Mac