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Sites and blogs: How to improve Google positioning

SEO slow by nature. It can take years to build the authority of a domain and the classification of pages. Learning how to improve positioning on Google requires a certain amount of dedication.

Search engine optimization is the slowest form of marketing we know. But there is a big shortcut you can take to get there faster. In addition to learning typing, it is essential that you know how to optimize your texts for search engines.

This article is a guide that will teach you step by step how to improve Google positioning on your sites or blogs, in order to help you have a blog with many visitors and able to generate you extra income.

Before starting, it is worth mentioning that this guide does not go through complex subjects, such as improving the loading speed of your website or even having to migrate the website hosting to another server. All are tactics that you can apply today to improve the positioning of your articles.

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<p>  The only relatively quick SEO strategy we know of. If you've never done this before, there may be great opportunities to improve your ranking on Google. The key is in your Analytics.</p>
<p>The objective is to find a key phrase for which you are already classified, but which does not appear first in the searches. If you can find these phrases, you can find the corresponding page. If you can find the page that is ranked, optimize it better for the phrase and watch the ranking jump.</p>
<p>Makes sense? We will go into detail in the next paragraphs of this article. Before that, check out this summary with the steps you should take to learn how to improve positioning on Google.</p>
<li>Find the phrases for which you almost rank high;</li>
<li>Find the page in Google's search results. Confirm the rating;</li>
<li>Then, improve the page by better indicating the relevance of the sentence;</li>
<li>Go back and see if it worked.</li>
<p>  very fast. It is not necessary to search for key phrases, because Analytics provides us with the phrase. There is also no need to check the competition, because it is already ranked on Google.</p>
<p>  That?s why this is the fastest way to increase Google rankings with the least possible effort. The whole process takes five to ten minutes. Looks good?</p>
<p>So stay with us and learn everything you need to know about how to improve Google positioning for your sites and blogs!</p>
<h2>1. See the ?Consultations? report</h2>
<p>First, let's find the phrases you're almost at the top of. It is in Google Analytics and you can access the report by following this path: <strong>Aquisio</strong> > <strong>Search Console </strong>> <strong>Queries</strong>.</p>
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