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Rumor: new MacBooks Air goes into production; supposedly 12 ″ MacBook will be for later

Not so long ago, Apple updated its line of MacBooks Air. It was not that upgrade we were expecting, after all, the company only slightly improved Intel's Haswell processors.

MacBooks Air

And, most likely because of that, the Economic Daily News informed (Google Translate) that Ma has already sent the order for Quanta Computer to start producing the new models (both 11 and 13 inches). Also according to them, these new machines will come with a new chassis, screen and processors (including graphics) updated, and should show up around the end of August.

Already the 12-inch MacBook well, according to them, "delayed". It should stay until the end of 2014 or even early 2015, and the reason for that has a name: Intel. This supposed new machine should use the future 14-nanometer ?Broadwell? processor. The problem is that Intel only normalized the production of this chip in the beginning of 2015. It may even be that Ma gets some agreement to receive a large batch before something like this has happened in the past, but that is not guaranteed.

I'm still not sure where this supposed 12-inch MacBook would fit into the company's current line of notebooks, made up of 11 ? and 13 ? MacBooks Air and 13 ? and 15 ? MacBooks Pro. A solitary model, 12 ?, under the tutelage of MacBook (without a suffix), does not make much sense. Unless it brings some changes as a whole to the notebook line.

MacBook Air for thumbnailMacBook Air

Price: from R $ 4,229.10 (or 12 times from R $ 391,58)Models: 11 and 13 inchesCurrent generation: beginning of 2014

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