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Rumor: new Apple TV should be launched only in 2015

iTVOne new Apple TV long awaited. We have even seen codes for a future generation of set-top box iOS 7, as well as references that Apple also intends to implement Siri (virtual assistant for iGadgets) on the device. But according to the The Information (closed matter for subscribers), this is all for 2015.

According to the vehicle, Apple engineers who are working on the future device have been informed that the launch will not occur in 2014 the new schedule now for next year, according to a person familiar with Ma's plans. The reason for this? According to internal sources, the companies holding the content and the merger of Comcast with Time Warner Cable (which has yet to be approved by the US government).

Obviously, this is Apple's version. According to television market executives, it is the fault of this ?delay? of Ma herself, since she needs different types of permits and licenses to create the service she wants to offer to the public.

As always, we can only wait.

(via 9to5Mac)