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Nike Training Club gets app for Apple Watch, bringing workouts to your wrist

If you have any familiarity with the world of gyms and sequential training, you certainly use (or at least have heard of) Nike Training Club, an application by the sporting goods giant that classifies itself as "your definitive personal trainer" by offering a series of exercises with video guides, tips for sequences and recommendations.

Now, a news must cheer the most technologically attuned gym goers: the app is getting a version for Apple Watch.

Nike Training Club app icon

The new app for your wrist works both as extensive and as a replacement for the iPhone app, albeit in a naturally more limited way. On the Apple Watch, you can track your exercise series and mark those that have already been completed; the Nike Training Club automatically monitors your heart rate and calorie expenditure while you exercise and sends notifications to your watch encouraging you to meet and hit goals whenever you miss a few days in a row.

Of course, you will still need the iPhone for some more specific tasks, such as setting up your series or watching videos with exercise guides, but the Apple Watch app is great for those who just need more essential monitoring.

One limitation, however, draws attention: you must necessarily start the exercise on the iPhone so that the app can start monitoring you, so if you want to go to the gym and leave your phone at home, you need to remember to perform this command before leaving .

The Nike Training Club for iOS / watchOS is available for free on the App Store.

via AppleInsider