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New version of Tetris is now available on the App Store, now on N3twork

Just yesterday we talked about Electronic Arts' warning to remove their versions of the classic game from the app store Tetris. A day later, things become clearer.

O timing it could not be different, since the App Store was already arriving, another more modern version of the game, developed by another company, N3twork, the former creators of ngmoco, which was one of the precursors of games on the iPhone.

Today (23), it was already available in the store for everyone to download.

It's all a matter of license. The game rights belong to a company called The Tetris Company (something very similar to what happens with the Pokmon franchise) and she who decides who can or does not publish something related to Tetris.

In the mobile area, it was EA who had the license in recent years. But it seems that she failed to keep them and lost to N3twork.

Now this has become official, with the future withdrawal of EA versions and the arrival of the new app store.


The game is what we already know about the classic, with some variants. This new version offers a little better control of the parts, with the possibility of controlling the speed that they fall when you are planning where to place them.

Another novelty is that you have 5 graphic themes to choose from, one of them in 8-bit style to remember the old days.

The game offers free download, but has an internal purchase (R $ 18.90) that removes the advertisement that appears between one game and another. But at least the advertising is not as intense as it was with EA, and you can even have a lot of fun without having to pay. And the good news that you can play offline (without needing an internet connection) whenever you want.

One thing we missed was the translation into portuguese, which EA did. But let's believe it's only a matter of time before N3twork adapts to this App Store return.

The game can be downloaded from this link.


We have already commented on this new title in this other article. Following the fashion of battle games, Tetris Royale lets you play with 99 other players around the world, beating the one who stays the longest in the game.

There is still no date set for the official launch, but the version for Android already appears on Google Play, without being able to be downloaded yet. It seems to be just a matter of time (and server testing) to see the version released for everyone.