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New version of Dashlane brings VPN connection and protection of your payment data

Password management services have an unquestionable leader, 1Password, and therefore need to find alternative ways to maintain their relevance with extra features or focus on a specific type of user.

Today the Dashlane one of the services highlighted in our comparison of managers presented the new version of its platform which, in general, is an attempt to further differentiate itself from the competition by amplifying what it does best.

O Dashlane 6 it brings, in addition to the usual password storage for all your online credentials, a series of tools designed to make your online presence more secure and protected.

The main one is a new feature called Identity Dashboard (?Identity Panel?), which acts as a kind of privacy center verifying that your passwords are always secure and notifying you of possible security holes in the services you use then, if an online store that you have an account issues a It is communicated warning that the data of its users have been intercepted, for example, Dashlane notifies you immediately and the automatic protection options, such as changing your password, revoking access to your credit card number and much more. The service even monitors the deep web looking for possible data breaches and something that matches your information.

We also have here a VPN browser for you to access websites in a more protected and secure way (in this post we explain the usefulness of such a connection), as well as an encrypted safe for up to 1GB of files and secret notes, synchronized between all your devices.

Finally, the most expensive version of the service brings even more specific features: in partnership with the credit protection firm TransUnion, Dashlane 6 monitors the activity of your credit card, sending periodic emails about your movements and notifying you of possible fraud . Also in partnership with the firm, the new version of the service provides support for data recovery if you are a victim of online identity theft, offering insurance of up to $ 1 million if you have losses related to such an event.

Dashlane 6 is offered in three versions: the free one (with storage of up to 50 passwords on a single device), the Premium (for $ 5 monthly it brings unlimited synchronization between devices and the VPN and digital safe features, as well as the Identity Dashboard) and the Premium Plus (it costs $ 10 per month and adds to the previous features the credit protection and identity recovery part). In Ma's ecosystem, the service brings apps for macOS and iOS / watchOS.

Dashlane app icon

Dashlane Password Manager app icon

via 9to5Mac