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Moovit announces integration with Waze Carpool for rides; know how to use | Productivity

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to request a ride on the Waze Carpool using Moovit's directions. Initially, the function is only available on Android phones, in regions of Brazil, United States, Israel and Mexico.

Step 1. Open Moovit and tap "Where do you want to go?" to inform your destination and origin. You can type in the address or search the map;

Step 2. See the route options found by Moovit on the screen. Then, tap the "Waze Driver" icon;

Step 3. The Waze Carpool will open immediately and locate a ride for the ride. Touch "Ask for a ride" to confirm.

Ready. Take advantage of the tip for hitchhiking on the Waze Carpool on your Moovit routes.