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MacMagazine Store: power your Mac by upgrading your RAM

You know what RAM (random access memory, or random access memory)? In short, this memory is responsible for storing data of applications / games that are being executed by the computer. But the HDD (hard disk drive, or hard disk) or SSD (solid-state drive, or solid state unit) do not serve precisely for this? At the.


If a computer's processor had to search for information about a particular application / game on the HDD / SSD, its execution would be very slow. the RAM enters. When opening an app / game, all the important information that needs to be accessed by the processor is temporarily placed in random access memory, which makes things easier and faster.

A practical example of how this happens: when you open a text editor like Pages and start writing, this data is stored in RAM. After you save this file in some directory, it will be stored on the HDD / SSD.

If your computer has 4GB of RAM, it can run a certain number of applications / games at the same time satisfactorily, after all, there is not enough space to store all the data of many apps / games in RAM, so the system uses the HDD / SSD, making everything a little slower. So, in practice, the more RAM you have, the better.

The RAMs of some Macs currently sold (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina display and Mac Pro) are soldered on the computer's logic board, allowing the data stored on them to be accessed even faster by the processor. The bad part of this is that, as it is soldered, the user has no way to make upgrades (that is, if you buy a MacBook Air with 4GB of RAM, you will not be able to add 8GB later).

If you have a slightly older Mac model, you don't think it's time to switch yet, but on the other hand, you want to improve your performance, consider upgrading RAM. Without a doubt, this is a great way to boost your computer!

To find out if your Mac accepts an upgrade, click on the Apple icon (menu bar on OS X, top left), choose the "About This Mac" option, click the "More Information" button and see the "Memory" tab ?.

Memory information window

In this window you are informed if your computer allows or not to upgrade RAM. If so, just click on the ?Memory Upgrade Instructions? button to be taken to the Apple support article that indicates exactly what type of RAM you should install on your computer and how to proceed with the installation. It is worth noting that it is necessary to follow exactly the specifications of the memory card so that everything works perfectly.

Kingston MemoryMemory (RAM) for Macs

Price: from R $ 199.90Manufacturer: KingstonCapabilities: 4 GB or 8 GB (per comb)Compatibility: some Mac models

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THE MacMagazine Store has some RAM models from Kingston, one of the best known and most respected manufacturers in the market. Such memories are known as ?Apple owners?, which indicates that they were developed specifically to meet the requirements set by Ma.

This is a great way for you to give your Mac a new gas.