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Iva Saraiva gives good discounts to those who want to buy iPad mini, iPhone 4s and / or iMac in cash


THE Hail it has a good promotion for those looking to buy a 16GB iPad mini Wi-Fi (first generation), an iPhone 4s (8GB) and / or a 27-inch iMac (top-of-the-line model). Such products come out respectively for R $ 1,124.10, R $ 1,169.10 and R $ 9,359.10 at the Apple Online Store (for cash payments). However, Saraiva is selling both iPad and iPhone for R $ 984.72; j the iMac comes out for R $ 7,919.12 all prices, of course, for cash payment! According to them, the promotion runs until 6 am on the 18th of August, so enjoy!