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Intel considers Apple's senior executive to be CEO

THE Intel is looking for a new CEO to call his / her a few months after leaving Brian Krzanich meanwhile, CFO Bob Swan took office on an interim and not a vacant post.

Not at all, since changing command is something normal in any company. The curiosity that, according to the Axios, a name that is on the company's list but has not previously been released Johny Srouji, from Apple.

Srouji currently senior vice president of hardware technologies of Apple and is part of the high scale of the company. He, among other things, is responsible for the entire family of processors that Ma has designed and manufactured until today. Considering all the success of the company's chips (we are currently on the A12X Bionic and there is still nothing on the market like this processor) and the executive's history (he joined Apple in 2008 and, before that, worked at Intel itself and at IBM), Srouji's possible choice for Intel's top job cannot be treated as a surprise.

Sought to comment on the case, Intel preferred to remain silent. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg reported that names like Sanjay Jha (former Motorola CEO), Anand Chandrasekher and Renee James (two former Intel executives) who were on the list have already been dropped.

The big question: would Srouji accept the invitation? Leaving aside the financial part (which, obviously, can be decisive), the enormous challenge is that Intel is far from replicating, in the mobile market, the success it had in the computer market. We will follow the case closely without a doubt, it would be a huge loss for Apple.