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iMac Pro and new MacBook Pro have flaw that may be related to the T2 chip [atualizado: Apple investigando]

Before the controversy surrounding the performance of the new MacBook Pro, there was information about a problem with kernel panic (macOS generalized error screen) with the expensive iMac Pro. Now, some owners of the new MacBooks Pro they are also facing the same problem and want to understand what lies behind this situation.

The bug reached so many owners of the iMac Pro that it is possible to follow several topics of discussion in the Apple forum on this problem including this one, which already has more than 6 thousand views and almost 200 comments. Among the messages sent there, users share a theory about the problem based on the displayed error alert, which points to an error with the BridgeOS. It is a kind of operating system part of the macOS incorporated in the T2 chip like the simplified version of watchOS used by the MacBooks Pro Touch Bar.

In turn, the T2 chip is responsible for a lot of special things, some of which we have already mentioned. Overall, this chip provides the iMac Pro (and the new MacBooks Pro) with a secure boot, encrypted storage, hardware check for the operating system, kernel, etc.

The fact that users are pointing out that the problem does not happen once in a while, but repeatedly sometimes more than once in the same day. One of them said in the discussion thread that he had just received his new MacBook Pro and, in less than 18 hours, the notebook completely went out at least twice.

Apple suggests that iMac Pro owners erase and reinstall macOS from scratch, disable FileVault and the Power Nap feature, but there is no definitive solution to the problem yet. If you thought that changing the machine is the last option, it may not be: there is a case of a user who had his iMac Pro replaced twice and the problem persisted in all units.

For now, Ma has not released any official information about the problem that now affects consumers of two of its top-of-the-line products. With regard to the polemical performance of the new MacBooks Pro, Apple has already positioned itself, admitting and correcting a software error that affected all new models. Let us wait.

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 07/26/2018 s 13:55

Apple responded to a contact from MacRumors, stating that the problem is not widespread and that until now it has not even received direct reports about it. Still, he said that he already has a team analyzing the issue and that he is "always looking to improve the stability and reliability of our products".