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How to migrate content from your old PC to your new Mac

Transferring all the content from an old computer to a new one can be quite a job, especially if you don't know the tools that make this process even easier and more practical. We show you step-by-step how to migrate from one Mac to another, however, if you are starting from one Windows PC for one Mac, follow this tutorial and learn how to migrate content between these devices.

The Windows Migration Assistant can transfer contacts, calendars, email accounts, iTunes content and settings from a PC to the Mac. However, before starting the migration, you need to make sure that:

  • On the PC, download the Migration Assistant according to the version of the software installed on the Mac. Download the Assistant here if your Mac is running macOS Sierra or higher; or download this version if your Mac still runs OS X El Capitan or a more advanced system;
  • Make sure your computer is compatible with the Migration Wizard (Windows XP or higher);
  • Know the name and password of a PC administrator account;
  • Connect the new Mac and PC to the same Wi-Fi network or use the Ethernet cable (if compatible) to create a connection between computers;
  • Use the disk verification utility to verify that the Windows drive is not having problems. To do this, select the menu Start Run, type cmd to open the Command Prompt, then type chkdsk and press Enter.

Using the Migration Wizard

Windows Migration Wizard

To start the migration process from PC to Mac, make sure that all applications are closed in Windows.

  1. Open the Windows Migration Wizard and click "Continue";
  2. Start your Mac if it is the first time you start it, the Setup Wizard will open automatically, if not necessary to open it (in the Finder, select Utility Applications Migration Wizard);
  3. In the Mac Migration Assistant window, select the option to transfer information ?From a Windows PC?;

    Windows Migration Wizard

  4. Select your PC from the list of computers in the Mac migration window, then wait until the PC displays the same security code displayed on the Mac and click "Continue";
  5. On Windows, enter the administrator name and password;
  6. From the list of data to be migrated, select the folders, user data and directories you want to transfer from Windows to the new Mac;

    Windows Migration Wizard: data

  7. Wait for the migration to complete and, after restarting the Mac, log in to the new user account. It may be necessary to set a password the first time you log in to a user account migrated from a PC.

If you?re experiencing any migration issues, make sure that all Windows apps are actually closed during the process and that your Mac and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If your PC doesn?t appear in the Wizard?s list of computers , it may be necessary to disable the Windows firewall and antivirus software. At the end of the migration process, you can activate these features again.

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