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HomePod will be launched in China and Hong Kong on January 18th

Currently, the HomePod it is present in eight countries: Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, United States, France, Mexico and the United Kingdom. But on January 18, two more important markets will receive Apple's smart speaker. I speak of China it's from Hong Kong.

The HomePod is the perfect wireless speaker for music lovers. It offers an unparalleled experience of listening to music with high fidelity sound wherever it is placed and creates a new way to discover and interact with the music using Siri. We are happy to bring HomePod to our customers in Mainland China and Hong Kong. We look forward to them experiencing what good sounds like in their homes and we think they will love it.

Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple.

In the press release, Apple highlighted the characteristics of the HomePod as a whole, as well as recalling that the speaker not only plays Apple Music and supports the AirPlay 2 feature (which makes it possible, among other things, to pair two units HomePod to create a stereo sound) but it can also be used to check the weather, know the latest sports scores, adjust multiples timers and alarms, receiving and making calls, controlling devices connected to the HomeKit protocol and much more.

Apple also stressed the security and privacy of the device, explaining that only after the recognition of the words Hey Siri (something that is done locally, on the device), the information is sent to Apple servers (encrypted and using an anonymous identifier). Surveys and requests are not associated with a specific identity, so personal information is not collected for sale to advertisers or any other organization. Furthermore, according to Apple, end-to-end encryption ensures that data cannot be accessed, not even by it.

We are definitely not talking about a product with the potential to solve Apple's problem and leave this bad Chinese phase behind; on the other hand, any new Ma launch by l helps.