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Double your Mac's performance by upgrading SSD

Last month we talked about the possibility of boosting your Mac by upgrading RAM (random access memory, or random access memory). Not all machines still accept this type of "user intervention", but this type of upgrade is definitely worth it.

Kingston SSD Kit

Today we bring one more possibility that, in my opinion, has an even more expressive result than the RAM upgrade: the exchange of HDD (hard disk drive, or hard disk) by a SSD (solid-state drive, or solid state unit).

It is difficult to quantify the gains when making this exchange, they vary depending on the HDD model you have. But believe me when I say the difference is huge! In short, we can say that you easily win twice the performance and the video above gives a great idea of ??what I'm talking about.

In addition to performance, the SSD brings other benefits such as less likelihood of failure and less noise (this is because it does not have moving parts, such as an HDD).

As with the RAM upgrade, on any Mac that allows this type of exchange, some models like the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro with Retina display and the Mac Pro even leave the factory with SSD storage. However, if you have a Mac mini, an iMac, a MacBook Pro without a Retina display or an old MacBook, it is very worthwhile to consider this option before opting for a computer replacement.

It may even seem like something complicated to do, but not. Here's just how easy it is to make this switch:

The simple thing is that Kingston (one of the most famous and respected brands in the segment) has a kit that already brings practically everything you need to make this exchange.

Kingston SSDSSD Kit for Macs

Price: from R $ 449.90Manufacturer: KingstonCapabilities: 120 GB or 240 GBCompatibility: some Mac models

Boto - Buy

Due to the indisputable gains and the easy installation of this kit, we decided to sell it on MacMagazine Store. If you are not willing to spend good money to change machines and are dissatisfied with the performance of your Mac or even your Windows PC / notebook, it is worth a lot, but it is worth considering this upgrade.

We currently have two models available: 120GB and 240GB SSD kit. Choose yours and good upgrade!