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Coup threatens murder if victim does not pay $ 4,000 in Bitcoin | Security

A new e-mail extortion scam threatens the victim with death if she does not pay the $ 4,000 worth of Bitcoins (about R $ 15,600) within 38 hours. The crime was reported last Tuesday (18) by the website specialized in technology Bleeping Computer.

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According to the website, the hackers claim, in a message written in English and with grammatical errors, that someone requested the quick and painless death of the victim on a deep web site. The alleged murder, however, could be avoided if the target provided payment of the amount in Bitcoin.

Coup requests payment of R $ 15,000 in bitcoins to prevent homicide Photo: Pond5Coup requests payment of R $ 15,000 in bitcoins to prevent homicide Photo: Pond5

Coup requests payment of R $ 15,000 in bitcoins to prevent homicide Photo: Pond5

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Bleeping Computer reports that fake threat e-mails started to appear this week, and are indicated by the subject Material is very significant for you right here 17.12.2018 08:33:00 ". The sender claims to own a website on deep web that performs different types of services for the payment of fees including homicide. According to the vehicle, everything is just a bluff.

The Bleeping Computer investigation found that, for the time being, no amount has been deposited in the cryptocurrency address present in the message, so that there are no victims for the scam. This is because, according to the website, this type of online threat is not effective when using intimidating techniques that include violence. In addition, victims usually report violent blows of the type to the authorities, so the threat gains more visibility and, therefore, the internet users who receive the message know that it is a bluff and do not fall into the trap.

In contrast, Bleeping Computer analyzed that sextorso emails would make about $ 50,000 a week by playing with people's fear of being exposed in vexatious situations. However, in the last week, cybercriminososs started to adopt this new violent strategy, which caused a decrease in the profitability of hackers. Thus, the website indicates that the expectation that such crimes will not become popular in the future.

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