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Autodesk ends support for Alias ​​and VRED for macOS

Bad news for users of industrial design software By the way and virtual prototyping VRED, both from Autodesk. In a note posted on its website, the company announced that it is discontinuing support for these software for macOS due to Apple's abandonment of OpenGL.

According to Autodesk, previous versions 2019.0 of Alias ??will continue to run on macOS Sierra or earlier. However, once Apple releases macOS Mojave, no version of VRED will run on that operating system. The news follows the announcement made by Apple at WWDC18 last June that Mojave will require software that supports the engine Metal and which developers should update their applications that use OpenGL and OpenCL to Metal 2.

This change allows Autodesk development teams to focus on bringing innovations to market faster and enabling more frequent software updates. In the end, the entire Alias ??and VRED community will benefit from this simplified approach.

The company also offers some solutions for customers who use these products on Mac. Among these, it is possible to migrate to the Windows version available for macOS through the Boot Camp utility and run this software with all the features and with the guarantee of future updates. from Alias ??even though Autodesk does not offer technical support for Boot Camp.

If the user does not have a Windows PC or does not wish to migrate to the Boot Camp version of that system on the Mac, the only way to continue using the design and editing software is not to exit the macOS Sierra if you have not yet upgraded to High Sierra or earlier. If you already use High Sierra, then you should know that the Alias ??is not supported by this version of macOS due to a compatibility issue.

via AppleInsider