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Apple Watch is responsible for fake emergency calls in ski areas

O Apple Watch Series 4 it has new functions that allow users to monitor their health or even their physical integrity even more closely. Among these, the Fall Detection feature helps, as we mentioned, not only in the alert, but in contact with emergency services if the person does not react after a fall.

Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection

This is a very important feature for people who practice activities with a high risk of falls, the elderly, among others and we have already seen him in action when he helped rescue a man in Sweden. However, Fall Detection has also provided work for some ski emergency services in the United States.

Even if you have never skied, it is not difficult to imagine that this is an activity that involves a lot of falls. In this sense, the CBS Denver reported that dozens of accidental calls made by the Apple Watch were recorded recently in resorts in the state of Colorado.

In many cases, the feature detected a possible drop, and since the person did not take any action within a minute, the Apple Watch initiated an emergency call. On the other hand, rescuers cannot wait for the person to respond to send rescue workers, who in some cases ended up moving unnecessarily.

In one of the calls to the Vail Public Safety and Communications Center, however, the emergency service operator first hears a recording with a drop alert and the user's location before the watch owner answers the call and reports that everything is fine as we can see on video.

It is worth noting that Fall Detection is disabled by default if you are under 65 years old, in which case the user must activate it manually. In this way, it is likely that many users did not even notice the tactile or even audible responses of the watch while skiing so that they could avoid the accidental emergency call not to mention that basically everyone should be wearing big coats, gloves, etc. (which makes it difficult to handle the watch).

via Canaltech