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Apple Music limits simultaneous playback on iPhone and HomePod

Apparently, Apple quietly changed the way subscribers to their individual service plan streaming can listen to music on more than one device connected to the same account.

On Reddit, the user nizzlebeasy published that he can no longer play on the iPhone a song different from that played on the HomePod (and vice versa) from the same Apple Music account. Several other people also reported facing the same difficulty, later confirmed by the 9to5Mac.

Amazingly, such a "problem" was, in fact, a mistake that Apple claims to have fixed, as an employee of Ma reported to the Reddit user. Before this strange bug, it was possible to play a song on the iPhone while HomePod played another song from the same individual Apple Music account.

Although Apple describes on the HomePod page (in English) that AirPlay 2 allows the user to ?ask Siri to play jazz in the living room and Moana's soundtrack in the children's room?, the company does not make it clear that this requires a family service account streaming.

Thus, it is likely that the individual subscription to Apple Music, which costs R $ 16.90 per month, started to allow only one streaming at a time on devices connected to the same Apple ID. The family plan (R $ 24.90) allows simultaneous playback on up to six devices linked to Family Sharing.

In the case of HomePods, two or more speakers connected to the same account are considered to be just one device; therefore, everyone can mirror the same music as the iOS device. Local media playback from iTunes, not purchased by Apple Music, however, does not count as streaming and can be played on more than one device at the same time.

It is not yet clear when this change occurred; O AppleInsider, on the other hand, confirmed that parallel reproduction was available until at least the beginning of this year. Since Ma has not released any software updates to the general public since then, it is likely that the change is taking place via the server and is being implemented gradually.

If you have an individual (or student) Apple Music account, let us know if you can still play different songs on more than one Apple device, such as iPhones, iPads, HomePods or even Macs.