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Apple may launch a new iPod touch with USB-C connector

If you happen to iPod touch, you are probably disappointed by the attention the product has been receiving from Apple: none. However, let's face it, we're talking about a product that has already had its glory days and still exists in Apple's portfolio just because Ma is lazy in the matter of ?discontinuing old products that no longer make sense to continue being sold? (as also the case of the current Mac Pro, iPad mini 4 and the old MacBook Air).

But there is still hope to see at least one more generation of iPod touch coming, according to the Japanese website. Macotakara (which has a good record of success when it comes to rumors).

iPods touch

See well: hope. The website was categorical in saying it heard from several Apple suppliers (who participated in the Consumer Electronics Show 2019) that the company may be developing a seventh generation iPod touch. Which, as I said, makes sense considering that the ?current? was launched in 2015.

Besides that, the only other information shared by them was that the device could bring with it a USB-C connector instead of Lightning, like the current iPad Pro and something that has also been ventilated in the new line of iPhones.

A new iPod touch makes sense for a few reasons: the huge price gap between it ($ 200) and the most current iPhone (XR, which starts at $ 750); for still being the gateway to Apple Music due to its lower price; because it is the ideal device for children who do not yet need a smartphone, but who already want a device for surfing the internet and playing games; among other factors.

We'll see if Apple still wants to give a new lease of life to the product line that helped the company become what it does today.

via 9to5Mac