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Apple lists 18 apps that feature dark mode adapted to the iPhone X OLED screen

Apple made a lot of people pop champagne for a while when it announced macOS Mojave Dark Mode, which will be released this year. On the other hand, this same novelty does not reach iOS 12, unfortunately what is very strange, considering the OLED screen of the iPhone X and everything. Well, probably something left for 2019.

This does not prevent, however, that Apple promotes apps already adapted for this. That's exactly what she's doing now on the American App Store, with a list of 18 good apps that already have dark interfaces.

Just them:

Sorry, app not found.

Bear app icon - Private Annotations

Instapaper app icon

Halide Camera app icon

Apollo for Reddit app icon

Feedly - Smart News Reader app icon

Anybuffer app icon

Fiery Feeds app icon: RSS Reader

GoodTask - Task Manager app icon

Wikipedia app icon

Overcast app icon

Polarr Photo Editor app icon

Twitterrific app icon: Tweet Your Way

Drafts app icon

Calzy app icon

Just Press Record app icon

Speedtest app icon - Speed ??Test

Grocery - Smart Shopping List app icon

Of course, there aren't just those on the App Store. Of the ones I use daily here, for example, five did not make the list: YouTube, Telegram, Tweetbot, Pocket and MacMagazine. ? But it's a good start!

And you, do you prefer the dark mode or keep the light even if the app offers this option?

via Business Insider