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Apple Launches Academic Certification Program for Swift Skills

The programming language Swift It is already one of Apple's biggest hits in its long (and somewhat troubled) history with software, with widespread acceptance by the developer community around the world and a very fast adoption rate for apps within its ecosystem.

With the initiative Everybody Can Program (Everyone Can Code), Ma's endeavor went even further, taking Swift's teaching to schools, courses and learning centers worldwide. Now, to further deepen this educational facet of language, Apple is launching an academic certification program for students in these courses.

Developed by Apple engineers and educators in partnership with the certificate firm Certiport, the program App Development with Swift (App development with Swift) is available for secondary schools and universities worldwide under the Everybody Can Program program. The first one-year course will be launched in the fall (northern hemisphere) of 2018, and the certificate can be used by students as a way to more easily join companies that use Swift in their software.

Ray Murray, vice president of business development for VUE, a Certiport company, spoke about the announcement:

Receive a certification App Development with Swift will give students the confidence they need to advance their programming language education or enter a career in the business. Earning a certificate endorsed by Apple shows that they have a solid knowledge of the language and can apply it today to create innovative apps for iOS. We hope that this new certification will gain widespread adoption given the popularity of the Swift language.

This page of Certiport gives more details about the program for those who want to participate in courses contemplated by it or even offer certification in their own institutions. Nice, huh?

via AppleInsider