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Another Apple supplier reports difficulties in the last quarter

That the fall of Apple with the failure of the iPhones of 2018 extends far beyond the fields of Cupertino, everyone already knows enough to see the difficult quarter reported by Foxconn, one of the biggest partners of Ma. Now, we know that other suppliers of the company were also affected by the events, as informed by Reuters.

The German chip maker Dialog Semiconductor today reported that its sales for the fourth quarter of 2018 will be within the forecasts previously released, but at the lower limit of the estimated window. The company had forecast revenue between $ 430 and $ 470 million for the period; in the end, that number was in $ 431 million that is to say, to a hair of frustrating the expectations of investors.

Apple, by far, Dialog's biggest partner: 75% of the German's revenue comes precisely from Cupertino, which explains the almost disappointing performance. Ma has used parts from the supplier (dedicated to power management of mobile devices) since the first iPhone, back in 2007.

It is worth noting, moreover, that Apple is in the process of purchasing a portion of Dialog. As we speak here, the company made an investment of US $ 600 million in the German; of this amount, US $ 300 million will be used to acquire part of the company, while the other half will be used to invest in new technologies related to Dialog's area of ??operation over the next three years.

The deal is expected to be approved by now, in the first half of 2019.

via 9to5Mac