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Alleged piece of the new iPad Air indicates that it will have a better processor than the iPhone 6

This week Apple will hold a special event in which new iPads, Macs and OS X Yosemite are awaited.

Apple event invitation

When Apple launched the iPad with Retina display (third generation) and the fourth generation iPad, Apple used A5X and A6X chips instead of the A5 and A6 that were used in the iPhones launched respectively in the same years. Because of the larger size and the stiffer battery, Apple opted for processors with a higher graphic power. With the launch of the iPad Air (in 2013), however, the company used the same processor as the iPhone 5s (the A7).

The A8 (used in iPhones 6 and 6 Plus) is a master processor and, because of this power, many believe that it is good enough to equip the new iPads. But it seems that Apple does want to differentiate tablets from smartphones in terms of graphic power.

Alleged logic board for iPad Air - A8X

Images of a supposed logic board for the new iPad Air, released by a Taiwanese website (Google Translate), show that the tablet's processor will be the A8X maybe to account for possible Retina HD graphics, after all, references to him already exist around the world.

Alleged logic board for iPad Air - A8X

Even though these graphics are for a possible iPad Pro / Plus, Apple could already prepare the ground for a possible launch of it in 2015.

We'll see what comes next on Thursday with full coverage of MacMagazine, clear!

(via MacRumors)