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2019 iPhones may support Wi-Fi 6; Apple wanted to use Samsung's 5G modems

We just talked about rumors published by Wall Street Journal about the upcoming ?iPhone XI Max? (fictitious name or at least we hope), giving a possible system with three rear cameras. Now, Barclays analyst Blaine Curtis has a few more guesses about the model and the 2019 iPhones as a whole, only focused on the connectivity area.

According to Curtis, the models to be launched this year will support the protocol Wi-Fi 6, the trade name for Wi-Fi 802.11ax launched at the end of last year, which provides much higher transfer speeds, improved performance in environments with many devices and greater energy efficiency to preserve the battery of mobile devices.

Wi-Fi 6 is still in its infancy; several products capable of transmitting it, such as routers and repeaters, were announced at CES 2019, but they are only expected to reach the market in the coming months. Apple may be one of the first companies to embrace the protocol if it launches the next iPhones already supporting it, which, incidentally, would not be a novelty, since Ma was also one of the first major companies to launch products with Wi support. -Fi 5 (or 802.11ac).

5G chip from Samsung or MediaTek

Continuing on issues related to the ?connectivity? theme, an Apple executive shared interesting information about the process of choosing 5G modems for future iPhones, as informed by Reuters.

In testimony to an American court over the legal battle with Qualcomm, Apple supply chain executive Tony Blevins said that Ma considered using 5G modems from Apple. Samsung or the MediaTek for the coming iPhones. As far as was known, the company would follow up with Intel and use its parts in the devices; the manufacturer would even have accelerated the production of the modems to meet the needs of the Cupertino giant.

The move in Cupertino would be called "Project Antique" focused on having no more than a supplier of modems for iPhones. In the words of Blevins:

The whole concept of the Antique Project would be to find a second supplier. No Intel offenses, but we don't want it to be the only one. We want Qualcomm and Intel in the mix.

Obviously, with any type of deal with Qualcomm very difficult at the moment, the prospect of having the company among 5G modem suppliers has been below the demand for options from Samsung and MediaTek. Regarding the South Korean competitor, Blevins admitted that "there is no ideal environment" for doing business with Samsung, but the company remains the largest supplier of parts to Apple.

The main one was not informed by Blevins: he did not say whether Apple has any plans to introduce the 5G modems already in the iPhones of 2019 or whether it will wait until 2020 to bring the novelty which, according to recent rumors, seems to be the most likely.

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider