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Want to buy a MacBook Air or Pro at a good discount? Check out these offers! [atualizado: mais!]

Recently the MacBooks line has undergone a rather discouraging readjustment.

MacBook Pro with Retina display

Fortunately, from time to time they paint some worthwhile offers. The prices are still not the ones we want and which we will already pay, but they are still good discounts taking into account the current scenario.

Check out our selection in which we made a price comparison from the models sold by Apple and Submarino:

ProductPreo ApplePreo SubmarineDiscount
11 ? MacBook Air (top of the line) R $ 5,759.10 R $ 4,927.12 14.4%
13 ? MacBook Pro (without Retina display) R $ 5,759.10 R $ 4,047.12 29.7%
MacBook Pro 13 ? (Retina, top of the line) R $ 9,449.10 R $ 7,479.12 20.8%

There are also two models of MacBooks (one Air and the other Pro) which are from the past generation (both top-of-the-line) and which are also at very attractive prices. Make no mistake: even though they are older models, they are still great machines!


Update · 12/09/2014 s 14:05

At Shoptime, the 13 ? MacBook Pro (without Retina display) is coming out even cheaper than the Submarino, for R $ 3,998.81 View!


J at Ricardo Electro the 21.5 ? iMac (entry model) is coming out for R $ 4,409.10 Vista (at Apple, the same computer sold for R $ 5,579.10).

(tip from Fabiano dos Santos)