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Video: new concept of “iPhone 11” brings controversial ideas

We're still beeem distant from the launch of the iPhones of 2019 (successors to the XS, XS Max and XR), but that does not prevent designers from putting their ideas on YouTube and that we discuss possibilities / rumors.

The concept of the turn of the channel ConceptsiPhone and glimpses a design for the ?iPhone 11? (or ?iPhone XI?) a little inspired by the current iPad Pro.

Hasan Kaymak Innovation, creator of the concept, put some ideas there, let's say polemics. They bet on a rear three-camera system with laser auto-focus (I think likely), a cutout /notch smaller with the repositioning of the speaker to the upper frame (I also think possible), adoption of USB-C instead of Lightning (I would not say it is totally unlikely, but I do not see Apple doing this on iPhones) and the implementation of a Touch ID under the screen (I would say it is almost impossible).

Comment what you think of the concept! ?

via BGR