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Recent updates on the App Store: Telegram, Cardhop, Google Photos, Plex and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store.

Today we have:


Telegram app icon

Drag and drop pinned chats to change the order, new section on Shared Media for voice and video messages, various corrections and enhancements.

Cardhop app icon

Instagram added as a type of social profile, added option to skip labels already used when printing a sheet of labels, pressing Enter when a contact is selected will now edit it, among others.


Google Photos app icon

Improvements have been made to make new photos appear in the gallery more quickly.

Plex app icon: Movies, TV, Music + more

You can now download podcasts, import podcast subscriptions from other apps, added support for repeat modes on Chromecast, adjust playback speed and more.

Wire ? Secure Messenger app icon

The keyboard language is now remembered per conversation, the maximum number of participants in group chats increased to 300, smoother scrolling in conversations, more reliable delivery over slow networks, among others.

VSCO app icon: Photo and Video Editor

A new vision for discovering and comparing presets.

Strava app icon - Run and pedal

With the release of this version, Strava Premium now Strava Summit. All athletes have a goal and the Summit was created to help you achieve yours. With Summit, you can now personalize your subscription by adding packages from our most innovative features. Choose the best package for you or have the best experience (and the best offer!) By adding all three.

App icon 99 - Private Car and Taxi

Enter your departure location and destination on the same page, rate your last race on the home screen, return to the home screen at any time during your race, view and choose the Common Taxi on the same screen as the other categories, and pay with an optimized corporate voucher .

Smule app icon - App # 1 To Sing

When accepting a video invitation, you can choose your own styles and colors!

Smiles app icon


in Smiles

Compatible with iPhones

Version 2.91.0 (265.9 MB) Requires iOS 9.3 or superior

Smiles brings four more partner airlines to expand destination options when issuing your ticket: Passaredo, Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Air Maroc and South African Airways.