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Offers: MacBook Air and Apple TV at great prices, today only!

Apple's prices are not good here in Brazil and, therefore, every day we dig for some offers for you. Not all are worth highlighting, but some, such as the two below, are.

Mac line banner - Christmas 2015

The Fast Shop is selling the MacBook Air (11.6-inch; 1.4GHz Core i5; 4GB of RAM; and 128GB of storage) per R $ 3,759.96 View. At the Apple Online Store, it costs R $ 4,859.10 per view (that is, savings of R $ 1,099.14)!

Apple TV Banner - Christmas 2015

She is also selling to Apple TV per R $ 299.00 seen at Apple, it costs R $ 359.10 (in this case, savings of R $ 60.10).

Enjoy, as these offers are only valid today!