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Obscura 2 app is being distributed for free by the Apple Store app, enjoy!

Periodically, the application Apple Store offers a free application for users.

As always, it should not be confused, of course, with the App Store, Ma's app store. We are referring to this app here:

Apple Store app icon

Inside the Apple Store, on the first screen (?Discover?), just scroll a bit until you reach this part:


This time, the present photo app Obscure 2, created by Ben McCarthy:

Obscura brings incredible features in a simple interface to help you take fascinating pictures without complications. You will find several beautiful filters that enhance your photos and a lot of professional resources to improve your photographic skills.

Touch the blue button "Download free" and voile, you will be sent to the App Store with a promotional code (promo code) to download it for free.

Going through the App Store itself, Obscura 2 would come out normally for R $ 16.90:

Obscura 2 app icon

The offer within the Apple Store app is valid until September 25th.

via MacRumors