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New unofficial Apple Music web player has simple, familiar design

As you may have noticed, it was not this time that Apple launched a player on the web for its streaming of music. Although that would be great, we cannot complain about the lack of options: last month, we commented on the first complete unofficial Apple Music web player and now I present to you the Musish.

Like other players on the web, Musish does not require the installation of any software (or extension) to be used. So, just enter your Apple ID, authenticate your login (if two-factor authentication is active) and allow access to the iCloud Music Library service and Apple Music playback activity.

If giving your Apple ID and password to a third-party service made you uneasy, don't be put off. Firstly, the login is done from an Apple API ie the developer cannot access his credentials (such as when we use Facebook or Google accounts to login). Second, the creator of Musish, Brychan Bennett-Odlum, ensured that he does not store any token sent by the company to authorize access.

Visualization of Musish

When you open Musish, you will soon see a very familiar design. Beyond the visual clean, the fonts, colors and layout of the player's controls resemble those used by Apple in its Music application (from iOS), making navigation simpler and easier.

On the left side of the player you can browse your Apple Music library, access playlists and look for new music; despite exhibiting the function "Radio", she is still unavailable. In addition, Musish displays song lyrics and their album recommendations and playlists on the flap "For You" ("To you").

The service may experience some faults during streaming of music (which is normal, as it is still in development). Nevertheless, it remains a great alternative to iTunes for Apple Music subscribers. To check the webapp code, access the project page on GitHub.

via 9to5Mac