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Make the copy and paste experience on Mac 10x better with this setup

Copying and pasting is one of the most basic actions of any operating system, but macOS has, by default, behavior that can be inconvenient in some cases when you are working with text: when you press C, the system copies the entire style of the content into question. So, if you take a snippet of a document in Pages and paste it in the body of an email, it goes with the original formatting, ending the visual unit of the message you want to send.

Of course, there is a justification for this behavior: in some cases, you actually want it to happen, as in copying a Numbers table with its different line weights and fonts. However, in most others, I would risk it just unwanted.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution first shared by journalist Ally MacDonald this week on Twitter. With it, you simply change a setting in the system so that, every time you press V, the system will paste the text in question in the style of the destination.

See how easy it is:

  1. Comes Keyboard System Preferences and click on the ?Shortcuts? tab;
  2. Select "App Shortcuts" in the sidebar and click the "+" button;
  3. In the field App, select ?All Apps? or, if you want this behavior to work only on a specific app, select it from the list;
  4. In the field Menu Title, type it ?Necklace with the same style?;

    Shortcut to paste with the same style

  5. In the field Keyboard Shortcut, press V and click ?Add?;
  6. If you want to keep the paste option with the original format, click on the ?+? again and type "Necklace" in the field Menu Title, selecting another key combination, such as V, in the field Keyboard Shortcut.

Ready! From now on, whenever you press the classic combination to paste a content, it will be placed where you want with the formatting of the destination document and not the source. And, if you want to keep the original style, just press the key combination chosen in the last step of the guide above.

But attentiveness: the commands you type in the shortcut configuration fields must follow the language of your macOS. That is, if you prefer to use the OS in English, you must add the first command as ?Paste and Match Style? and the second, as "Paste". In addition, it is worth noting that the above tip unfortunately does not work within Microsoft Office apps, which is a great pity.

Enjoy! ?