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MacBook Pro users made in 2011 sue Apple

Not today that users of MacBooks Pro manufactured in 2011 complain about GPU-related problems (graphics processing unit, or graphic processing unit) of the machine. But the impatience seems to have reached its limit, so much so that some of them have joined together to open a collective action against Apple.

MacBook Pro with GPU problem

Whitfield, Bryson & Mason LLP office today announced that it has filed a collective action (PDF) against Apple in a California Federal Court. The lawsuit covers California and Florida residents, who have purchased 2,011 MacBooks Pro with AMD graphics cards and claim that Apple has failed to reimburse repairs on machines that could cost $ 350-600. It is worth noting that the office is considering opening similar lawsuits in other American states.

In short, the problem seems to lie in the lead-free solder used in AMD graphics chips. The solution, according to Apple, was to replace the entire logic board. But the problem was that the new board came with exactly the same solder and in a few days / weeks the MBPs had the same defect. To top it off, in many cases Apple charged for the repair most likely in cases where Macs were no longer under warranty.

To have an idea of ??the size of the cases involving these machines in 2011, an online petition for Apple to exchange or repair these MBPs already has more than 20,000 signatures; on Facebook, a group created to debate the issue has more than 5,400 members.

Apparently, Apple has no plans to offer a replacement program for these machines. We will see if this changes with the news of the collective action, which I find very difficult.

(via AppleInsider, MacRumors)