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Johnson & Johnson to use Apple Watch in study on spill prevention

Another major multinational has become convinced of the Apple Watch's capabilities to help in-depth studies focused on health. THE Johnson & Johnson today announced a new survey that will use the Ma watch and its atrial fibrillation data to try prevent strokes.

The idea is to combine the use of the Apple Watch Series 4 (which has the ECG feature) with an app developed by J&J itself to try to detect signs of atrial fibrillation even more quickly.

In a press release, J&J said that AFib (short for the English designation of ?Atrial fibrillation?) is responsible for approximately 130 thousand deaths and 750 thousand hospitalizations every year, in the United States alone. Worldwide, there are now 33 million people with this condition.

As always, the data collected by the study will be anonymous and, at least initially (since a project that tends to last for years), it will only be carried out in the USA with people over 65 years of age. J&J intends to disclose details of how interested they can participate soon.