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How a memory and HDD upgrade transformed my 13-inch MacBook Pro

per Alisson Paulinelli Rocha

I own a 13-inch MacBook Pro (beginning of 2011), a computer that is still excellent even today with its well-lived three-year-olds, which perfectly meets my needs and, I believe, many (perhaps with the exception of the professional production class) videos, photos, etc.).

13-inch MacBook Pro

As a professional creating systems on the Windows platform for banking, I was curious and decided to study the development environment for iOS a little, which motivated me to acquire this computer. I was positively surprised to find Xcode running ?light?, even with the original configuration that I decided not to change at the time: Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 320GB HDD.

Naturally, as Apple was upgrading OS X, I noticed the computer getting a little tired, even though I had a habit of doing a clean installation at each annual system upgrade. This fatigue was more evident with OS X Mavericks (10.9). I did at least two formations throughout the year to recover some of my breath. At the same time, I started to hear a disturbing noise like a ?click?, which became more frequent when I moved the computer on and this made me think it was a problem with the HDD. Duly updated backups, knowing that it was a one-off problem and a degradation of natural performance, I decided that it would not be time to change the computer because of these problems. But it was clear that it was time to upgrade the memory and HDD.

Memory upgrade

Since I had already checked the memory specifications on the system itself and on Apple's support sites, I realized that this update would be relatively simple. However, there was a problem: where can I buy good quality, reliable memory combs that were not counterfeit products and did not give me headaches? Although I think the upgrade would do the system good, it doesn't mean it was bad; and using counterfeit or dubious parts, this could leave the system degraded.

To my surprise, behold, a story appeared in the MacMagazine that fell like a glove to my need. In addition to reinforcing the issues of compatibility and limits, increasing my security for the exchange, the good news: the MacMagazine Store started to sell the memories. Without thinking twice, I purchased two 4GB combs to replace the original 2GB.

Kingston Memory

Memory (RAM) for Macs

Price: from R $ 259.90Manufacturer: KingstonModels: 1,333 MHz and 1,600 MHz (both DDR3)Capabilities: 4 GB or 8 GB (per comb)Compatibility: some Mac models

Boto - Buy "style =" width: 108px! Important; float: right;

After a few days, a new surprise received an email from the store's sales team. They reported that I had purchased the last two memory sticks from the stock, and that one of them had problems with the tests done before sending the product to the consumer.

There are several reasons to be surprised. Unfortunately it is common to see stores testing products like this before sending them to buyers; even more unusual to admit and be transparent with the customer, assuming a problem of this order and offering alternatives. Note 1,000 for the professionalism of the MacMagazine Store team! I made a point of calling them (yes, despite being an online store, there is a phone and if you call a very qualified person, you can answer and you can talk and solve problems) to thank and we agreed that I would wait for the next batch to arrive to receive memories something that happened a few weeks later.

Memory sticks properly tested and delivered, I installed in less than 10 minutes. Let's go to the tests: a lighter Mavericks, apps loading faster, internet more smoothly, the whole system more smoothly an excellent resumption of flow. But the best is yet to come.

HDD upgrade

Unlike what happened with the memories, I was a little confused when I realized the giant range of options of brands, sizes and types of HDD, besides the questions about compatibility. Would a 7,200RPM HDD work on a system whose original 5,400RPM? Are today's SATA standards the same as they were three years ago? Would it be worth investing in an SSD, which recently was very expensive but has now improved a little?

In the long research I did on the subject, I saw a lot of people giving impressive reports on performance gains after hard disk upgrades to solid state drives and I was really curious. If those reports were really real, the machine as a whole would look better than it did when it was new! Is that possible?

Next step: decide brand and size. Talking to a teacher on an iOS course, also using a MacBook identical to mine, he recommended me a Crucial MX100. I found and bought a 512GB that would be a positive surprise far beyond my expectations. A friend would bring this equipment to me from the United States and, before arriving, behold, the MacMagazine he published another article coincidentally talking about exactly that subject which made me again even more confident that I had made the right decision.

Kingston SSD

SSD Kit for Macs

Price: from R $ 449.90Manufacturer: KingstonCapabilities: 120 GB, 240 GB or 480 GBCompatibility: some Mac models

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· · ·

After upgrading and cleanly reinstalling OS X Mavericks, the next step was to start testing. I immediately realized that, to my pleasant surprise, the dreaded click disappeared confirming my suspicions that his origin was really in the HDD, and best of all:

  • System turning on or restarting in less than 10 seconds; so fast that sometimes i think the computer is hibernating, and not turned off!
  • Applications opening almost instantly.
  • Battery life, which has always been very good, is now even better.
  • Total fluidity. Everything is working better and it feels like using a new computer.
  • Quieter and less heating system.

I could not imagine that this upgrade would bring so many benefits! I didn't use any technical measures, specific tools or anything like that; I speak only of the clear perception of a MacBook user who saw his system double in speed after an upgrade from HDD to SSD.

The system was completely renovated in terms of performance, performance and economy. Not only the equipment, but the whole experience has been renewed in addition to the certainty that the system is ready for the next three years, at least. An investment that is more than recommended and certainly worth every penny!