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First jailbreak for Apple Watch is released – but don't expect too much from it

The practice of jailbreak it no longer has the same adhesion and popularity among users as it had some years ago, either due to the security risks that may arise from this process or due to the inconsistency of its updates. Nevertheless, the fact that there are still users and developers able to test and release software that unlocks the possibilities of gadgets from Apple like the jelbrekTime, the first jailbreak for Watch.

As warned by Wccftech, despite all the excitement surrounding the launch of this jailbreak, if you are a regular user, it is best to wait a while before installing it. For now, the software is suitable for developers who want to better understand watchOS and verify what this system is capable of since this version of jailbreak does not even have Cydia or any app to install tweaks on your watch.

For watchOS developers, jelbrekTime almost jailbreak complete. With the software, it is possible to have access root Apple Watch and some processes to explore the codes kernel the device. Overall, the jailbreak can:

  • Explore the kernel using v0rtex;
  • Reassemble the files root the system for reading / writing;
  • Provide access root (patch tfp0);
  • Extract the bootstrap.tar package;
  • To apply kernelpacthes h3lix.

Hacker @tihmstar, creator of jelbrekTime, stated that he will no longer develop updates for the jailbreak; however, like all software of this type, the project code is open so that other developers, when testing the first version, make commands available and continue to improve it. Who knows, in the future, this type of access to the watchOS system may offer the ability to install adjustments to the user interface and custom displays? We'll see.

JelbrekTime is available for download and compatible with watchOS 4.1 and Apple Watch Series 3. If you have installed other versions of watchOS or have other models of Watch, you will need to make some changes before applying jailbreak. All of this information and instructions on how to install the software are on the project page on GitHub.

And you will install the jailbreak? If so, tell us what you think and whether it is worth it or not to install the software. And be aware of the risks before proceeding, after all, there is no way to simply connect your Apple Watch to your Mac via cable and do a complete restoration in case of problems

via 9to5Mac