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Facebook officializes activity limiter for your app and Instagram (and more news)

O Instagram had already confirmed that it was working on a usage monitoring and control tool as part of a series of initiatives to promote a healthier relationship for its users with the platform, which, incidentally, both Apple and Google are including at a level of operating system in its most recent releases, which shows how important the subject has become recently.

Now the Facebook came to officialize the novelty, showing some tools that will help users to control the time they spend in the two main apps of the company not only Instagram, like the main app of Facebook, too.

In the coming weeks, we will be making available new tools to help you manage your time on Facebook and Instagram: an activity panel, a daily reminder and a new way to limit notifications.

The resources are in the settings area of ??both apps, under the names ?Your Time on Facebook? or ?Your Activity?, in the case of Instagram. Do not wait here, however, in-depth features or granular statistics, the usage panel will simply show an average of minutes that you spend on the application in question daily and a graph accompanying your patterns over the course of a week.

Usage management feature on Facebook and Instagram

From this (little) information, you can set up a daily usage limit reminder, choosing the maximum time allowed before it appears on the screen. conscience. It is also possible to choose a period to silence notifications push.

Facebook claims to have planned the resources with the collaboration of mental health experts, but, in any case, does it feel like more could be done, perhaps an easier way to access the tool? Perhaps statistics that show which parts of the app you spend the most time on and the option to turn them off individually?

Of course, asking for too much from a company whose profit is entirely based on the amount of people who are actually viewing its content and spending the most amount of time on it. But at least a start.

The new tools will be made available to all Facebook and Instagram users over the next few weeks.

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Time of use, however, is not the only novelty recently brought by Instagram. A few days ago, the network announced a tool that will make some people happy and others desperate: an even easier way to check when a user is online or not in the app.

Instagram feature that shows your contacts online

When your friends are active on the network, a little green dot will appear next to your profile photos in various areas of the application, Direct, in the notifications or in the list of people who liked your publication. Of course, it is possible to turn off the feature in the settings in this case, neither your friends will be able to see when you are online, nor you will be able to see their status.

The feature is now available to all users around the world.

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The third novelty was brought by TechCrunch: recently (and silently), Facebook started testing on its Messenger the possibility of sync Instagram contacts with the messenger.

Feature to sync Instagram users with Facebook Messenger

The option is in the "People" tab of the application, and appears next to the tool that synchronizes your phone contacts with Messenger. It is good to note that the feature does not offer a cancellation option once you tap the option, your Instagram contacts will start to be imported immediately, integrating your friends from both networks.

In addition, once activated, the tool will make your username on Instagram visible to other Messenger users. So know well what you are doing. The appeal should come to users in the near future.

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via The Verge, 9to5Mac