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Easily browse all the images on your Mac with the Spect app

If you have a large number of images among the files on your Mac, you certainly know that Finder it is not the ideal solution to deal with them.

Of course, he even has some cards up his sleeve (like the preview mode Cover Flow which will be replaced by another in macOS 10.14 Mojave), but in general, the standard macOS file manager does not provide a satisfactory experience for those who only want to deal with their photos and do not want / need to open heavy software like, say, Lightroom for that.

here that enters the Spect, from developer Steven Frank.

Spect app icon

The idea behind the app is very simple: in the sidebar, you select the folder you want to work in, and in the search depth selector in the lower left corner, you determine how many levels of subfolders within that folder the application should search for. images. From there, Spect simply displays all of its images contained in that directory and its subfolders, in a grid view, ignoring all other types of files.

It is then possible to work with your photos in the same way as working in the Finder. A slider on the bottom bar increases or decreases the size of the previews, and when you select any image and press the space bar, you enter the preview mode, in which the photo in question takes the entire app window and you you can use the navigation arrows to move forward / backward.

Spect brings buttons to move images or a selection of them directly to the Trash, to reveal them in the Finder or to move them to some other directory; it also brings a way slideshow and a button to select a random image in a folder. The formats supported by the app include JPG, PNG, HEIC, RAW, GIF and even PDF (the latter, however, limited, it simply shows the first page of the document in question).

Pretty cool, isn't it? Even I, who don't have a lot of images saved on the Mac, see a number of interesting utilities for Spect. For those interested, it can be purchased on the Mac App Store for R $ 17; the app's official website also offers a free trial version with unlimited browsing, but without any of the other features.

via Cult of Mac