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Designer reimagines macOS font selector… and I want it now!

For a system obsessively focused on design and user experience from the very beginning of its foundation, at least one element of macOS leaves much to be desired in this regard: its font selector standard. It has basically been the same for over 30 years and does not bring any sort of advanced option to choose all a long list of sources, with a ?most used? section that behaves in mysterious ways and never as we need it.

That is why this reimagination of the font selector created by the Scottish designer Sam William Smith so attractive just because it doesn't reinvent the wheel in any time and just do what Apple should have done ten years ago.

Smith's simple idea: at the top of the selector, we will have a search field, just open the menu, type the first two or three letters of the desired font name and press Enter. Ready! Next, we will have a section of favorite fonts and, to add an option to that list, it would be enough to click on the little star next to the name of each simpler, impossible font. Below, the existing list of recently used fonts and, finally, the general list of all installed on your machine.

Concept for new macOS font selector created by Sam William Smith

Simple and effective, isn't it? Only one thing is missing: making the selector in a way that it won't take forever to load when your Mac has a lot of fonts installed here, for example, this is a constant problem (although admittedly my MacBook is no longer in its prime. ).

Anyway Apple, focus here that there is still time to include in Mojave, huh? ?

via Cult of Mac