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China accuses Apple of contributing to the spread of pornography and gambling

Apparently, not only in the field of business disputes that Apple has had some relationship problems with China. O The Wall Street Journal informed that the media in the country of the Wall has accused Ma of contributing or turning a blind eye, at least for the spread of some very problematic issues there, such as pornography and gambling.

More precisely, at least five Chinese state-controlled news agencies recently published stories criticizing Apple for ?not doing enough? in blocking pornographic contentrelating to gambling or sale of counterfeit goods; the three items are banned in China and the government has made increasing efforts to enforce this ban.

The focus of Chinese media criticism has been mainly on iMessage, responsible for the dissemination of pornographic content in the country and for publicizing the sale of counterfeit products, and App Store, which would be a territory for downloading applications containing gambling. As is well known, the high restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on the digital environment involve deep control by the companies responsible for these spaces and, it seems, Beijing is not very happy with Apple's efforts in this regard.

Of course, all this history can be a pretext to ban Apple's services from the Chinese territory (as it already happened with Google Play) or to open the end-to-end encryption brought by iMessage in its message sharing. None of the options, of course, is very attractive to anyone who values ??a little privacy or freedom.

According to a lawyer heard by WSJIf Apple continues to fail in its mission to block prohibited content in Chinese territory spread across its services, the company's ecosystem may even be blocked in the country. In other words, we will have to wait and see if the reviews are merely bravado or if Ma really has to run to not lose one of its most important markets.

via 9to5Mac