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Check out news brought in the new betas of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, including … an iPhone with two chips?

The great news of iOS 12 It's from macOS Mojave have already (more or less) been unraveled by Apple in the last WWDC, but we all know that, for the most part, the coolest things about updates are not the most notable new features but the small changes that make our life easier. way we didn't even imagine; or pieces of information that give clues to future Cupertino products.

That is why it is so cool to scramble the betas of the systems and detect these more discreet news. This is precisely what we are here for: taking a tour of some changes (or possible changes) to the most recent betas of Ma's main systems.


Analyzing the codes of the fifth beta version of iOS 12, the 9to5Mac discovered references to a possible iPhone model with support for two chips.

Possible evidence of iPhone Dual-Sim found in iOS 12 beta

The evidence is in the code related to the system's diagnostic reports, and include references to such a secondSimStatus and secondSimTrayStatus, which can only correspond to the addition of another SIM in possible future iPhones, probably one of them being physical, as today, and the other be digital (eSIM).

The developer Guilherme Rambo found similar evidence, indicating a ?plural? of SIM cards blocked on future iPhones (and iPads?):

One more: now there is one string pluralized for ?blocked SIM card? on iOS.

Of course, the addition is purely software and Apple may simply be adding a feature that has no concrete plans to use, just to get the system ready if you change your mind at any time. Still, it is even more suspicious considering that there are rumors pointing in that direction.

HomePod calls

Another novelty published by 9to5Mac. A new screen for configuring the HomePod in the latest beta of iOS 12 confirms the arrival of a new feature long awaited by the owners of the smart speaker: the possibility of make calls directly through it, as it had recently leaked.

IOS 12 beta screen showing HomePod call feature

The image above shows the differences between the previous screen and the new one: now, the text adds the item ?make calls? in the tasks part that you can ask HomePod when your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. compared to what we have today, when you necessarily need to initiate a call from the iPhone and then transfer it to the speaker.


The beta 5 of iOS 12 brings updated images of the new (and still not released) case of the AirPods, compatible with wireless charging of the (also not yet launched) AirPower charger.

Images of the new AirPods case with external LEDs

The case is basically identical to the existing one, with the main change in the location of the LED indicator before, it was on the inside of the case, and is now on the outside, for easy viewing while it is resting on the wireless charger. The light is displayed in two colors: yellow (for when the accessory has a low battery or charging) or green (for when the battery is full).

MacOS Mojave Wallpapers

The fifth beta version of the newest Mac operating system brings a wave of wild wallpapers, in themes ranging from ?liquid metals? with beautiful colors to desert landscapes.

New macOS Mojave Wallpaper

For those who want to make their Macs look new even before the arrival of the new system, this Dropbox folder contains some of the new images released by Apple. The others can be obtained in this post 9to5Mac.


As the AppleInsider, the new beta version of macOS Mojave has a nice new feature regarding the newly added support for eGPUs: an easy way to connect acceleration by external graphics per app.

Option to accelerate by eGPU by App on macOS Mojave

The option can be found by right clicking on the application file in question and going to ?Get Information?; the ?Prefer external GPU? option can then be checked or unchecked. This option includes both external monitors and the built-in panels of the iMac (Pro) and MacBook Pro.


How did you find out Guilherme Rambo, the News app on macOS Mojave is restricted to locations where it is available (which, as we know, does not yet include Brazil). But it is possible to force the app to be opened by a simple command in the Terminal:

The News app on macOS Mojave uses LSSuportedRegions to limit its availability to specific countries, but you can force it to open with the command open / Applications / in the Terminal.

It remains to be seen, of course, how limited the application's functionality will be in countries where it has not yet arrived. We'll see.

Battery Health

Battery Health feature without beta indication

As our reader warned us Luis Felipe Meira (thanks!) on Twitter, the latest beta of iOS 12 no longer displays the "beta" inscription for the Battery Health feature, that is, now in its finalized version, it should bring even more accurate and reliable information. Great!

Do Not Disturb

This one comes straight from the blogger and developer Twitter Benjamin Mayo:

In beta 5, the notification now tells you what time Do Not Disturb Mode is scheduled to shut down.

I still find it kind of weird that a feature designed to silence all alerts puts an alert right on your lock screen.

I disagree with Mayo especially in the case of people who have less skill in using the device, it is important to have a reminder that the feature is running well in the eye. And the most recent addition, with the time the mode is turned off, is very welcome.

Other news

O AppleInsider made a very cool video showing other more discreet news from the beta 5 of iOS 12, which include:

  • Darker boats in the Control Center;
  • A screen explaining the lyrics search feature on Apple Music;
  • New introduction screen in Photos;
  • Button to apply those settings to all your devices in the Screen Time feature;
  • Smaller graphics on the Bolsa app;
  • updated cones in the News app;
  • New feedback hptico on iPhone X when closing all apps on the multitasking screen;
  • New connection and disconnection touches in FaceTime.

Let's see:

· ? ·

For now, we, of course, will be on the lookout for any news that may still appear around. And if you see something that didn't make it into the above, don't hesitate to tell us!