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Apple will reunite Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray on film; “Fast and Furious” director closes deal

The class of ?Apple Studios? (fictitious name of the coming service streaming of video from Ma) not for: only in the last few days, four important agreements have been closed for the future service of streaming of Ma's videos. Let's take a look at them.

"On The Rocks"

A few months ago, we talked about the contract that Apple signed with the incensed stadium A24 (Oscar winner for "Moonlight") for the production of some films. Now, we already know what will be the first of these productions and it brings very important names from cinema!

Bill Murray and Sofia CoppolaBill Murray and Sofia Coppola | Credit: Long Room

Information Variety says that the film, entitled "On The Rocks", gather the filmmaker Sofia Coppola and the actor Bill Murray together, they made one of the most celebrated features of the past decade, ?Encontros e Miscontros?. The new film will be co-starred by Rashida Jones (?The Social Network?) and tell the story of a young mother who tries to reconnect with her father, a playboy of the third age, on an adventure through New York.

Production of the film should begin next month, but there are still no details on possible release dates or filming forecasts, the only concrete thing here is my expectation regarding the project.

Justin Lin

Moving on to more subjects, say, mainstream, Apple signed a contract with the producer of one of Hollywood's most popular filmmakers at the time: Justin Lin, responsible for some films of the franchise "Fast and Furious" and the recent "Star Trek: Without Borders". Information is from Variety.

Justin LinJustin Lin | Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3 (WIRED)

The producer Perfect Storm Entertainment, created by Lin, closed an exclusivity contract and started to create TV series and projects only for Ma. There is, so far, no information about these (mini) series or the degree of involvement of Lin in them (he can just supervise the contract as an executive producer, for example), but this is another important addition to the future catalog of Cupertino's video service.

More than that, Apple's deal with Perfect Storm is also a blow to a (future) competitor to Ma: the producer is coming out of an exclusive six-year contract with Sony Pictures TV, where the partnership has spawned such successful series as "S.W.A.T." and "Magnum P.I.". Apple Park executives certainly expect an equal or greater degree of success in this new venture from the producer.

Simon Kinberg

Meanwhile, another series developed by an important Hollywood name was recently commissioned by Ma. deadline, the company gave the go-ahead for the production of the first season of a series of science fiction co-written by Simon Kinberg, screenwriter for almost every film in the franchise "X-Men" and director of the upcoming ?Fnix Negra?.

Simon KinbergSimon Kinberg

The series, still without name or synopsis released, is described as an ?ambitious production of high budget, focused on the development of the characters?. Kinberg to join David Weil, co-writer who serves as executive producer on the series "The Hunt", still indicates.

Kinberg and Weil will also be executive producers of the new series, along with Audrey Chon, president of TV at Genre Films. Production is known to begin in the northern hemisphere summer, but there are still no details on possible release or release dates.

Bad Robot

Finally, the deadline said that Apple is among the companies in the race to be the new ?home? of Bad Robot Productions, producer of J.J.Abrams which is ending a fruitful year-long contract with Paramount.


Among the giants struggling to get Bad Robot's attention, Disney She is considered the favorite to win the Abrams election, after all, she has a long relationship with the company of Mickey Mouse, having directed ?Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force? and also commanding the final chapter of the billionaire galactic trilogy, to be released at the end of the year. . Warner Bros. and Universal they would also be in the price, with Apple and some independent financiers.

To make it clear, business is not an acquisition: Bad Robot will simply start operating "under the wing" of the chosen company, having projects financed by it and taking advantage of the respective platform. Apple is certainly keeping an eye on the talents of Abrams, who has already signed contracts to produce two series (1, 2) for the company but we will have to wait to see if the negotiations will end happily for Ma.

via MacRumors, Cult of Mac, AppleInsider, Apple World Today